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Any donation amount helps us bring theatre productions and programing to Airdrie

To bring a script to life is a costly undertaking! There are numerous production expenses including royalties, rehearsal space, costumes, sets, props, promotional materials, programs, etc. Only a fraction of the costs are covered by ticket sales.


With that being said, please consider sponsoring Nose Creek Players and help us to continue bringing theatre arts to Airdrie. Why donate to a theatre company?  Your donation is not only going towards putting on a production, but you are enriching people’s lives, both young and old.  Because of your donation we have the ability to offer a matinee performance for elementary schools to come and see the production.  Your donation offers a creative outlet for all people who don’t otherwise have this opportunity.  It is the chance for people to try their hand at a new craft.  Props, costumes, set, all areas in which we have had people who have never done it before, tried, and now excel!  In exchange for your donation, you have the possibility of receiving free tickets that if you yourself don’t wish to use, you have the opportunity to offer them to others who might not get a chance to see a live theatre production.  We offer many advertising opportunities, to show that we are supported not only by local business, but also of residents of this community. 


Nose Creek Players-Sponsorship Levels

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